Mobile Bike Tune-ups

Your bike deserves the best

In order to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service possible, we offer three different levels of repairs. You can choose between basic, standard. premium plans. Each plan offers a different level of tune-ups. We also offer special discounts for those who sign up for monthly tune-ups.

A clean and properly maintained bicycle will make riding much more comfortable and enjoyable. Regular inspections of your bike can keep everything operating correctly and prevent problems before they occur. 

Inflating your tires ensures smooth riding and cushioned braking; checking brake pads and chains keeps them in good condition; lubricating your gear shifter prevents friction and allows shifting easily; cleaning your chain and drive train helps remove dirt and grime and keeps them working efficiently; and keeping your brakes adjusted and functioning properly gives you maximum stopping power.

Bike Tune Ups Pricing

Basic adjustment


Standard tune-up


Premium tune-up